Victorian Purple Collar

Is this Victorian? I actually named it for the netted stitch that runs across the middle. Everything I know about beading I learned from books from the craft store or the library. I suppose I could have taken a class, but I’ve always appreciated diagrams and most stitches aren’t too difficult to figure out. I save my money for art metal class, which is considerably more challenging. Adjustable chain closure. 18″

Purple Heart Necklace

A length of chain, a pile of beads and a spool of wire, and here it is. I don’t know how I ended up with so many purple beads, it’s not even my favorite color. Maybe it’s the way some purple beads will catch the light; there are bands of blue, flashes of red, flecks of brown. Not too heavy, feels nice around the neck, like a glass boa. 23.5″

Purple Chain Necklace