There are thousands of beads and many ways to bring them together. Seed beads are the most popular with me, although I have an infatuation with leather, buttons, rocks, yarn, thread, ribbon, wire etc. that eventually turns into “true love.” When I make things, I am choosing a method and an order out of infinity. Working in beads like breathing—it’s a repetitive motion and it becomes a meditation. The end result is a pattern and a structure as well as a sense of renewal.

I love bead weaving, crochet and their history. I have taught myself many techniques over the years and have tried to employ them all. There is always more for me to learn. I feel I still possess a learning curve, considering the myriad of methods and materials combined throughout all cultures throughout the ages.

My work is the byproduct of my thoughts and emotions. Because making jewelry is a way for me to cope with everyday life, it represents an escape. When I am working my regular job for the day, I am thinking about design and color, and how much I wish I was with my beads. What I appreciate most about handmade things is what they represent— a hope, a dream, a problem, a solution.

Inspiration comes from all around me. It is what I see in nature, on the street. It is what I see in books, magazines and television. Faces aren’t as noticeable as much as necks, wrists and ear lobes. What is hanging on them and how was it made? I may make a variation on a design or try different components and end up with something quite apart from the original. What if I made this bigger or smaller, wide or narrow, wavy or straight, contrasting or neutral? Will it be appealing to others? Admittedly, sometimes I am so curious to find out how a piece turns out I will throw that last question out the window and just go with my instinct.

Once I complete a piece I am finished. For me it’s not the object itself,  but the problem it presented with its creation. My greatest hope for these pieces I have turned out is for someone to pick it up and wear it. Literally, wear my heart on your sleeve, my angst in your ears, or my dreams around your neck. Wear it because it’s cool or pretty or wear it because it’s “you.”


Bracelets & Earrings