Welcome to my shameless promotional tool.

I’d like to use this portfolio site to promote my work on a more professional level.  I am currently posting all my latest work and blogging my thoughts and endeavors on each piece. They say interesting and frequent blogs will increase readership, so I am trying to post something every week. I can’t promise the posts will be riveting every time. Painting and drawing is much easier for me than writing. I’ve heard it said, a picture is worth a thousand words, so really, what more can be added anyway? This is an experiment. I am wondering if cataloguing my work and my thoughts on my work will be interesting enough for others to read.

In the past I’ve used this site as a showcase of my handmade jewelry. Now it’s  a repository of whatever I’ve been working on lately. I’ve also included a History section of things I’ve done in the past and a link to my Etsy Shop. Besides viewing the individual posts, you may also click on Jewelry to see a summarized version of what I have ready to show and sell.

I am hoping to find a consignment opportunity with this site. Maybe even a show? Any inquiries may contact me via phone 608.206.3266 or contact me via email.

Thanks for visiting!

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