Gray Green Twig Necklace

Occasionally, I will leaf through a bohemian chic catalog and see what the models are wearing. This necklace is inspired by a simple necklace I saw in¬†Anthropologie. I began a more complicated version,¬†consisting of individually woven leafy twigs built upon a woven chain.¬†Before I realized what I was doing, it was too late to turn back. 20″

Peyote Leaf Necklace

From Thanksgiving to the end of January I toiled away. First, I covered a length of drapery cord with peyote stitch, simply letting the pattern “happen”. Then I individually stitched each leaf, adding dewdrops here and there. I hid the clasp within the leaves at the front, so the design could flow undisturbed around the neck.

I originally found the idea in a how-to book, and I thought I could make a fancier one. So I did. 23″.