Company of One

Wicked Cool Agate RingHey, I got the job!

Just got off the phone with myself and I let myself know that after much deliberation, I have decided I am the one with the most skill and experience to make and market my own art.

So welcome aboard, what’s on the horizon?

Well first off, we’ll just shitcan the idea of finding a local gallery to market my wares on consignment. It’s taking much too long. Why send out countless emails out into space, when I can just meet my market base head on and start sitting at craft fairs? Putting the idea of actually selling something aside, it would be satisfying enough for me to get my work out into the real world. Buy it if you will, but LOOK at it. Just LOOK at it. Love it, hate it.  You may think it’s too pricey or too colorful ( yes, someone actually said that ), but LOOK at it.

I’ll be standing around for five hours. It should be interesting, we’ll see. I am not a full-power-24-hour-’round-the-clock smiler. I only smile to myself if I’m thinking something funny. Which gives me the idea of working on an elaborately illustrated joke book. See, the ideas are richocheting…

My first craft stand will be on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at the Fresh Air Craft Fair in Elver Park, from 10 am to 3pm. I have a lot of new things I’ve been working on. Come and see me. I may be frowning, but I won’t bite.

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