An artist’s statement

So how about an artist’s statement? It seems like a little bit of a misnomer, since an artist’s statement is art itself.

So what is this site all about? It’s about self-promotion. I am the first to admit that promotion is not my strong suit, otherwise I’d have this super-duper awesome website and about ten salaried people working under me. In New York.


I am a shy, quiet little woman living in a little house in the country who squints underneath her Ott light, keeping mostly to herself, enjoying a life of making things. There are probably a million similar souls, doing similar things. Some are successful, some aren’t. Some are hell-bent on marketing, others are just dibble-dabbling. I guess I fall somewhere in between. I’d like to get more hell-bent. It sounds cooler than dibble-dabbling. A skeleton riding a motorcycle on fire, not a bespectacled gerbil in a cardigan.

So, I’ve put up a jewelry page. I would like to sell this stuff, if I can. I know repurposing and recycling is really vogue right now, but these items aren’t, unless you count using stuff I’ve carried around since high school as repurposing. I will be adding more pages with drawings and paintings as time allows.

Tell me, what do you think so far?

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